Four Reasons to Use KleenSlate During Hybrid or Distance Learning

Let's face it, this year has been challenging for teachers, students and parents alike. While teachers are doing their best to keep students engaged, Zoom fatigue with kids is a real thing.  If you're a teacher or parent struggling to keep your kids engaged, try using KleenSlate student whiteboards to switch things up. Here are four reasons to use KleenSlate during hybrid or distance learning

1. KleenSlate Whiteboards Make Learning Fun.

Every teacher that uses KleenSlate whiteboards shares a similar story: Students are excited to use the whiteboards. With six different colors, an easy to use handle, and snap in marker, students love writing and responding to a teacher in real time. This is no different whether you are doing in person learning or on a Zoom call. Showing your answers has never been more fun with KleenSlate whiteboards.

2. Customization Increases Possibilities.

Having two sides, one that is completely customizable, also increases the amount of lesson plans and games you can do with your whiteboards. With our clear, vinyl sleeve, you can slide in any activity or worksheet imaginable. From bingo to word searches, to vocabulary words or graph paper, the possibilities are endless! Your kids will never get bored with our KleenSlate whiteboards. 

3. Efficient and Easy Clean Up

During Virtual Learning, teachers can feel helpless as they wait for kids to get necessary supplies. With KleenSlate, everything is built in. With a MicroFiber cleaning cloth attached as well as a marker clip that's built straight into the handle, teachers no longer have to wait for students to get all their supplies. It's all right there. Plus, there's an easy to use eraser on the end of every marker. Everything your student needs is right in front of them! 

4. Homeschool Kits Available

To meet the demands of parents and teachers, KleenSlate created a special home school kit that is now available for purchase. Each kit comes with two whiteboards, two black dry erase markers, two microfiber cleaning cloths, as well as an extra (10)  pack of color markers and pack of templates! This has everything a student needs to start using their KleenSlate in their virtual classrooms.  You can check out our home school kits here!

Oh, and one more thing. KleenSlate whiteboards are all refurbishable! That's right-- You'll never have to throw out a whiteboard ever again. Simply buy a replacement pack of peel and stick surfaces, and your whiteboards will be looking as good as new in no time!

Finally, we want to say thank you to all the hardworking teachers out there. Despite the challenges of this school year, you have still found a way to teach our children with your creativity and passion.

We owe you a debt of gratitude. Thank you, teachers!